December 30, 2010

A new perspective

I’m still attempting to write this essay on racism…  Ideally, I’d wish that if I were successful as a good multicultural educator, my students would have different perspectives on race.   How WANKY does that sound?  Clearly I’m in essay writing mode. 


Something that will give me 100% certainty of a different perspective is my new toy I bought today.  There goes my entire week’s studying stipend. 


Meet Boris – he’s reliable, simple, understated and perfectly packaged:


Boris is the Canon Powershot s95.  Best compact digital camera on the market and if you don’t want to carry around a huge bulky digital SLR, this is the camera you should buy.  Assuming, that is, you want to buy a camera, just as I have assumed you want to read about my idiosyncratic posts which are only tangentially linked to teaching. 


I haven’t worked for Microsoft or Canon.  Really Smile with tongue out


Boris is truly a beautiful work of art and a genius.  Textures excite me, and the black matte exterior of this camera, the clickity-click (what a GREAT WORD) of its ring function on the lens and crisp 3 inch LCD screen are only scratching the surface of this little baby who is going to give me awesome shots. 


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