December 28, 2010

New teaching beginnings

I've always loved new beginnings: it's a chance to start afresh, see things in a new light.  Of course it also means upheavals, change, trying to cope with problems that would never arise if I hadn't quit my stable, secure, well-paying, respectable job in one of the world's most beautiful cities...  

That's the choice I made when I decided to be a teacher and join Teach for Australia.  For now, even while I'm studying and in classes 16 hours a day, it actually feels like a real privilege and pure luxury to do this while getting paid (and fed).  I couldn't think of anything more enjoyable than to have the freedom and time to learn about something so important, engaging and relevant: education.  Of course, some people who actually have a sense of perspective would differ in this respect :) 

Another wonderful thing about going into the teaching profession, apart from not having to bill in 6 minute intervals for a faceless client who thinks you’re their slave, is that I am free to be myself:  I don’t have to put on the persona of the corporate lawyer anymore - the professional robotic feeling-less me who sits meekly at her desk typing away.

My aims for this blog  
  • I want it to be a snapshot of my experiences as a beginning teacher.  I'll aim to write at least once a week as a way to reflect on my experiences.  Hopefully someone out there will also find it interesting reading, despite the lack of sex, drugs or cutesy camwhoring.  
  • In my small experience with writing and reading blogs, I've found that no matter what one says, there will always be critics.  Yes, I am cynical about this and fully aware that I can't write to satisfy anyone, and one can't expect to express an opinion which won't be ripped to shreds.  So all I'll say is that I want to continue writing about whatever I want and you can think what you think and perhaps we'll just agree to disagree :)
  • The blog's title is taken from Virginia Woolf's essay "A Room of One's Own".  I am 1% as erudite and articulate as her, but at least I can hope that having this blog about my classroom will help me write better.  Rather tenuous link really, but it's a nice play on words for the title, ha!

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