January 13, 2011

Coping and resilience

First year as a beginning teacher is going to be tough.  I need to pull together all the support networks I have to get by.  I don’t want to expect to have horrible experiences, but at the same time I need to be prepared for them.  It’s definitely not going to be easy. 


It’s been a pretty tough week.  I don’t feel too great right now.  There’s so much on my mind, from finding a house, to finding out I’ve got four classes to teach at senior level, still continuing with summer school, and family dramas.  It’s hard. 


Averaging 6 hours a nights sleep, with full-on non-stop days from 8am - 2am is difficult, to say the least.  I worked long hours at the law firm, but I feel that being in front of a computer can be a lot less tiring than having to teach kids, focus on lesson planning and all the rest of it. 


I’m trying to cope.  My to-do list fills up an entire A3 page, and that was skimping on the level of detail.  It’s all a bit overwhelming and right now I think I just need to lie down and have a nice long sleep. 

Almost the weekend…  Just. Two. More. Days. 


I have so much respect for the teachers.  I’ve been thinking about the concept of ego and the teaching profession; having humility and empathy is one of the most important characteristics of a good teacher.   



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  1. I hope you are okay. You are resilient, wonderful, and an inspiration. I am thinking of you! Sabine xxoo


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