January 6, 2011

Teaching at Summer School

11 students file into the classroom, fill out their name tags, and sit down.  One boy choose the corner table, turns to face the wall and scrunches his name tag, then starts reading his book. 


Welcome to my first class!


Luckily, it gets much better and it definitely feels like we’re teaching with training wheels on by team teaching, having (mostly) amazingly bright and enthusiastic students who really want to learn, and not being constrained by curriculum because we design it ourselves.  We get continuous feedback on how we’re teaching through in-class observations, debriefing afterwards, and evening sessions to reflect and plan our lessons.  It’s a really exciting time, and actually feels much more relaxed than the previous month which was filled with going from lecture to workshop to lectures to homework.


I’ll be in the classroom in 20-something days.  How do I feel?  Nervous about doing something completely different, excited about meeting my students, and scared.  I still haven’t found a house yet. 


There’s too much to think about right now.  I’ve got absolute tunnel vision – all I can think about is education, teaching and learning.  After classes today, we watched an educational DVD about re-engaging disengaged students, then watched some Summer Heights High.  It helps that I’m surrounded by a bunch of total nerds, just like me Smile with tongue out  I say that in a completely endearing way!

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