January 11, 2011

Unabashedly nerdy

A quick 5 minute update before our TFA session and more lesson planning.  The president of the Union is coming to talk tonight which should be interesting.


Another intense day of organising three summer school groups to create a Bionic Games for 43 students.  There were seven teams competing and my team of 6 students won!  Team Buzz! 


Yes… I’m definitely on a buzz right now.   


After that, we had a Melbourne Uni workshop on a different style of lesson planning, and then some of us had dinner with TFA’s CEO Melodie Potts Rosevear


I just wanted to say, I LOVE THAT TEACHERS ARE SO UNABASHEDLEY NERDY!  And eccentric, and LOVE LEARNING and love learning about learning.  There’s a pervasive atmosphere of energy, excitement and passion around here and it’s brilliant to be a part of this.



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