February 24, 2011

An easy, breezy week

If only! Last night, I was just too exhausted to plan the lesson so was in bed by 10.30 and woke up at 6.30am to figure out what I would teach the kids today.  Planning on the go isn’t ideal and I realise I need a proper unit plan.  I can talk about the Australian Parliamentary System for hours and hours without preparation but I could see that all the teacher-directed learning was making the kids restless.  Especially when I started talking about the different ways of dividing electorates depending on the whether it was for MP’s to be elected to the House of Reps or Senate.  This area is confusing enough for most Australians, let alone people aren’t even old enough to enrol to vote.  I had one of those “Oh God… Now I know how I felt as a student when the teacher was going way, way over the top and I am struggling.” 


I have to stop being so hard on myself.  I am trying as best as I can, even if it’s not the best teaching in the world.  In the end, just by me being there and trying, they’re going to learn.  They’re just probably not going to learn as well as they could with a better teacher, but I’m all they’ve got.  And that’s enough for now…   


In other non-teaching news – ha ha ha very funny.

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