February 15, 2011

Week 2, day 2

If you think your current job is too boring, the teaching profession always beckons Smile with tongue out  You know how organising an event can be extremely time consuming and chaotic, and then when it gets to the day of the event, everything appears to run smoothly despite a million different dramas in the background?  If you’ve ever organised a birthday party, a dinner, a party, a wedding etc. etc… That’s what it feels like to plan and execute a class, except it’s every day, for a whole term/semester/year.  Oh, and with university assessment on the side.  In a really difficult school to teach which, ideally, should actually have the best and most talented teachers.  Not someone like me, who has a bare minimum of training and feels like half the time I’m just trying not to drown.  Unfortunately, this is the reality and my sheer optimism, work ethic and determination is going to have to make up for my lack of experience. 


Each class, I have a running sheet of how long activities will take (inevitably it’ll be inaccurate), the backup plan is only in my head, and something always goes wrong.  I don’t have time to write up a proper lesson plan for each class.  There’s never enough time in life or in school or in anything and it just speeds up faster and faster and hopefully by the time I look back I’ll sit here laughing as I read all this rookie teacher stuff, thinking to myself, “Jeez Q, talk about overreacting and being too critical of yourself!  Thousands of teachers have gone through exactly what you’re going through.  You should’ve stopped complaining.  Suck it up and just keep on going!  That’s the only way you’ll get through it.  And have some fun along the way.  Your kids will love you!”


So that’s what' I’ll do.  Back to it now…  This seems like a perfect cartoon for my current state of mind:




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