March 17, 2011

Caring for others

Each day, I want to do something nice for someone else.  Leaving anonymous notes, making a cup of tea for my housemate, giving a student a compliment…  I’m inspired by my principal, who called me today to ask how I was doing.  That really means a lot to me. 


The equivalent in my old job would be the chief executive partner personally calling me to ask how I was.  This would never happen because of the size of the firm and the hierarchical nature of job.  Well, it would also never happen because on the rare occasion I would be in the lift together with the chief executive partner, this person would never acknowledge me and spend the entire time staring at a smartphone.  And even your supervising partner would never ever call if you took a few days off, unless it was for work purposes and it would be a grad who would call.  The last time I was really sick in my old job, I had tonsillitis and missed a week of work.  I received a phone call from the human resources department asking when I’d next come in. 


Well, that doesn’t mean they didn’t care… but it just shows me how amazingly different a workplace can be when the leadership overtly shows they care about your well-being by calling to ask how you are and encouraging you to look after yourself.  

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  1. What a difference a little bit of (genuine) caring makes.

    You know, when I attempted to negotiate my pay the other day, from $14 an hour to the casual rate of $25 - AS A PARALEGAL NEARLY ADMITTED TO PRACTICE - the response I got from the principal solicitor was, "although I realise you and your partner might be struggling, I have a business to maintain." Which to me summarises how much they care about you in the legal profession.

    I think the smartphone is smarter than the chief executive partner at your old firm, by the way.

    Red Shirt


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