March 25, 2011

Driving to insanity town



Homer doesn’t understand what’s going on.  Neither do my students.  Those darn year 10’s.  Some of my students have finally completed the ‘on demand’ English testing which is supposed to be a fairly accurate representation of their literacy skills.  I have half of my kids at primary school level.  Some are, I kid you not, at a year 2 reading level.  YEAR TWO.  


And then my clinical specialist who comes to see me he tells me my “lesson plans are not up to scratch.  I expect more from a University of Melbourne student.”  Is he goddamn serious?  Does he have ANY IDEA?  Is it any wonder I have reached hysterically funny levels of stress?


I am going to  a 90 minute yoga at least every second day.  I am meditating once a day minimum. 


That’s in between phoning parents to chase up absences, having my first restorative justice conference with a student, marking year 12 assessments and providing answer guides which the students probably don’t appreciate, searching for level-appropriate humanities material for my year 10’s, trying not to take on the crazy amount of bad situations some of my students are going through like getting kicked out of home by their parents, calling the police to get their stuff, trying to find a house but not being old enough to sign a lease and tell me about blah blah blah.  They’re so amazingly street smart. 


Oh dear God sometimes it’s just too much.  I can understand why teacher’s burn out so fast.  And somehow I’m coping.  I’m getting through it.  I’m learning to swim and make friends with baby sharks.


There’s humour and positives in any situation.  Today two kids started riding a scooter through the corridors.  During yard duty, I saw a whole bunch of students sprint off to the shopping centre and couldn’t chase them.  I chatted to some toddlers in the school childcare centre and they were magnificent and beautiful.  K asked me how I was and smiled.  He might have been stoned.  I had a great chat with the vice-principal after school and I did my first shoulder stand in yoga today. 



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