April 5, 2011

Being organised

I love the feeling of being organised.  It’s a skill I’ve had to re-learn since becoming a teacher, it the midst of all the paperwork, piles and piles of notes, books, handouts, I’d forgotten how to get on top of everything.


When I don’t understand something, I ask for advice.  I ask people how they get organised, what their strategies are, how they file things, how they keep track of tasks, what they do to know what they’re doing the next day.  Luckily I have some amazingly organised friends and it makes such a difference.  One of the TFA-er’s told me her mantra is to “consolidate, colour code and prioritise.”  I think half of my stress comes from just trying to stay on top of lessons/marking/admin and not knowing where I’m heading. 


I bought a filing cabinet yesterday.  I now have a yearly wall planner on my desk, as well as an assessment timeline for uni.  I have my timetable stuck at eye level.  In a fit of productive procrastination, I wrote up little catch phrases and stuck them around the room so now when I look to my right, there’s a sign saying, “What are you learning?  Why are you learning it?  How will you know when you’ve learnt it?” and to my right, “Don’t question, just do.”  How very proactively Anthony Robbin’s of me.  Apparently that’s what athletes do when they get up at 4am to train.  They don’t question what they’re doing, they just get on with it.  Oh yes, I also ordered Getting Things Done by the organisation-crazy guru David Allen.  Who knows if it’ll help but I suppose it’s better than watching a movie. 


I think there’s a pop culture term for spending too much time life hacking and not actually achieving anything.  Well, every little tiny change helps…

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