April 15, 2011

I survived term 1!

The photo is from a New York Times article a friend sent me about the guy in the orange shirt called Seth Priebatsch.  He's a 21 year old entrepreneur.  I really loved the article.  First, the photo struck me as really cool because there are drawings on the tall yellow walls.  There are so many different colours and visual representations, plus Seth is sitting cross-legged on a table to do work.  I want to be able to draw on my walls and sit wherever I want when I'm working.  And this Seth guy can read stuff upside down, thanks to his parents.  Seth has the work ethic of a robot and has no social life either.  That dedication is pretty admirable, no matter how unhealthy it can be, at least he's working towards his vision.  I love articles from the New York Times.  They're written so crisply, in such an engaging and funny way.  The sentences are and one liners are perfect.

The upshot is that Seth can now read as quickly upside down as right-side up, something to keep in mind if you ever find yourself sitting across a desk from him.
“People assume that if you’ve got a sheet of paper in front of you that no one else can read it,” he says, “and that is false.”
I think it's been so long since I've been in a relaxed frame of mind that having a chance to read this article, without the pressure of preparing for classes and facing crazy students, is just such a pure joy for me.  Each day of this holiday has been really exciting.

School finished at 2.30PM last Friday.

"OK B," I said to my housemate, "I'm going to bed now."
"You do realise it's 8PM right?"

I snuggled into bed at 8PM on Friday night and slept until 1PM the next day.  I remember waking up at 10AM and cheering with joy that I could sleep in without having to think about lessons.  If ever you want to be grateful for the little things in life, teach at my school for 10 weeks.  That Saturday night I was in bed by 11PM and slept until 12PM again.  My body was so exhausted from this term that I'm still sleeping 12+ hour days.

On Sunday, I went to Halls Gap in the Grampians with some of the other TFA associates from my year and last year.  It was so much fun, we played heaps of taboo and banangrams since we're all a bunch of nerds, and the whole time just talked about education and teaching.  Brilliant!  And it was such a beautiful place, I saw kangaroos, emus, a giant koala, sheep, and petted two cute dogs at an olive farm.  We went bush walking up Mount Stapylton.  If everyone was able to experience the wonders of our amazing earth like the Australian bush, you'd think there'd be more compassion for the environment.  I love nature, the colours, the smell of Eucalyptus leaves, the rocks which have taken millions and millions of years to form...

Wow I have really, really needed this break.  But I'm so proud of me for surviving term 1.  It's been really difficult at times, but I did it and it's only going to get easier.  And come on, if there are amazing people out there who have lived rich and fulfilling lives after going through or escaping the hell that is a concentration camp, well what I've gone through is peanuts indeed!!!

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