April 22, 2011

Overwhelmed by trying to be organised


So it’s 2:45AM right now.  I’ve just spent the past few hours trying to figure out how to be more organised.  I think I have a problem, and it’s got nothing to do with being organised Smile with tongue out It’s probably a mix of procrastinating, being a night owl, and driving myself crazy.  And being addicted to the internet.


I don’t know how I have managed to go through the last five years not using a calendar or having a to do list.  In my personal life. Actually yes I do, it meant I didn’t plan anything and didn’t reply to emails….


Work was different.  At work, I was forced to file and do tasks because deadlines were always so short, I had a secretary and I had to do timesheets.  I found I only worked well under pressure.  Even though I was completely disorganised in my personal life, at work I could keep everything under control.  I liked filing things away, I had a clean email inbox, each day was so regimented…  So it’s not like I can’t do it.  I just don’t know how to as a teacher/student.  There’s too much stuff and it’s so difficult. and different.  


It’s nice to not be so gung-ho productive all the time though.  My lack of focus means I read voraciously, tidy my room, write in my journal..


That’s my justification anyway.


It’s just so difficult learning this all again.  I’ve forgotten how to be a university student, to be self-disciplined enough to plan more than 2 hours in advance (who am I kidding, during term 1 there were times when I did my lesson planning on the spot), and am overwhelmed by all the things I have to do.


My current messy work situation

(since you are obviously so interested in hearing about this, and I am weird enough to write this all down at this ridiculous hour… and since I have absolutely no messy personal dramas in my life which I could otherwise complain about like a love triangle or unrequited love interest, or a divorce, or impending parenthood or anything like that, and now I’m just rambling because I really am sleep-deprived and delirious)


  • I have 4 mail accounts for personal use, TFA, MGSE (uni) and my school.  I tried to consolidate them using Outlook, but I don’t have Outlook on my work computer.
  • I have a hardcopy calendar, a to-do list on my phone, I started using Gmail tasks, then Outlook tasks, then Toodledo.com and it all got too much and then I have random stuff to do written on post-it notes and scribbled down on different notebooks.
  • There are 5 huge piles on my floor relating to my classes and school admin… And the piles are a mix of textbooks, unmarked assessment items, lesson plans and resources, curriculum documents, all unsorted.  Strewn everywhere.
  • I bought a filing cabinet that I started using.  And a wall calendar.  PLUS 2 points!
  • My desk at work is like a paper and textbook virus which creeps towards other people’s desks and is a jumble of STUFF, including all the really old textbooks from 30+ years ago that the previous legal studies teacher left and I haven’t had time to sort it through.
  • I have two computers I do work on – my own personal computer, and the work computer which was only recently issued to me.  On my own PC, I’ve tried to at least organise my files into class folders, but then it just goes CRAZY with different files everywhere.  Gah.


And then I started reading “Getting things done” today and it was just all too much.




Being a good teacher is equal parts passion, dedication, optimism, emotional intelligence, ORGANISATION, managing behaviour, and content knowledge.  Argh.


At least I can figure that I’m probably not alone with this “system”… right?  And just like companies can function quite well and profitably even if in the background some stuff is broken, I am still kind of coping and at least doing very well at my university work. 


I suppose it’s like any kind of situation: change only happens when it becomes absolutely necessary because it gets so bad and intolerable.  I am definitely at that stage. 


I’m determined to figure this out and get everything under control!!!  I am taking baby steps and I’m going to get to that Zen state eventually so that I can actually do a lot more and be super productive and not be so mediocre.

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