May 18, 2011

Dot point positives

  • Each day gets better.  I love teaching legal studies.
  • M year 11 class is wonderful – the kids are so eager to learn, we laugh a lot and I love their personalities, their individual strengths, their toughness. 
  • One of my girls in year 12 went from failing to being one of the top students in the class, and in her review said that she realised legal studies isn’t hard, it just really helps if you study!  I’m so proud of her.
  • I’ve had a chat to some of my year 10 students who I want to push more, they’re clearly capable and need to do more difficult work.  Differentiation is one of the hardest and time-consuming tasks so I’ve got to set aside more time each day to work on it.
  • Slowly my support network is building up a bit more.  I had dinner tonight with the ex-legal studies teacher and met her husband and other teaching friends.  I’ve organised to go around to the former humanities teacher’s house and she’s going to give me some advice and help.  I want to keep in touch with the other TFA people too, they’re an invaluable source of advice, support and inspiration.  I love that through doing this course I’ve gotten to meet such an amazing group of people.
  • I can be a very good actor when I want to be: this week, I broke down in front of the Melbourne University Clinical Specialist before I went to teach.  The humanities class went really well (thank god, thank god, thank god) and afterwards he observed that the kids had no idea.  He told me I was consistent and friendly.
  • It’s halfway through Term 2 already!!!
  • My electric blanket is amazing.
  • My friends are even more amazing.
  • I have indulged in my book buying addiction and bought 5 books this week (!)  Well, some people have their chocolate and alcohol.  I buy books to feel better.  One day I will have an entire wall filled with my book collection and I will treasure it forever.  And a garden with honeysuckle. flowers  Two very important components to a home.   

- Q

1 comment:

  1. Wow - this is inspiring, Q. I was actually just running through the negatives in my head a moment ago, then I read this, and now feel utterly ridiculous!

    And yes - YAY for electric blankets and books =) =)



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