June 17, 2011


Have been sick for the past few weeks. Term two is still bloody painful.

Why am I subjecting myself to this? It's not a bad question to ask...

In fact, if I wasn't questioning why I'm doing this job there'd be something wrong with me.

I've had a constant dull headache for the past few days. Averaged 5-6 hours a night sleep this week. My shoulders feel like lead weights.

Blah blah blah!

Just started reading "what the teach you at Harvard business school" by Broughton. I used to think I wanted to do an MBA but I'd rather risk riding on a crocodile than have to face accounting ratios again.

One useful analogy I've gotten from the book is that studying the MBA feels like "drinking from a fire hose". That's definitely what the TFA experience feels like!

Lance Armstrong says pain is temporary but quitting lasts forever.

The Aussie battler in me thinks, "for God's sake, get over yourself and stop complaining! It can't be that bad. And don't do it on your blog."


Teaching is relentlessly exhausting and can be the best job in the world.

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