July 21, 2011

Being in control

It's important for any kind of job satisfaction to have a sense of control over what you're doing. That's what made working in the law difficult at times because there was so much uncertainty, about what time you'd finish each day or what work you'd get given. After work plans were inevitably postponed or cancelled as the work piled up... That's an inevitable sacrifice of a corporate job though, and one that many people are willing to make.

At school, no matter what goes on, you're at least supposed to be in a set classroom. This week my students have been swapping rooms because of time tabling issues. Very unsettling when they arrive, the room is being used and I have no idea what other room they're supposed to be in. Argh! Give me just this one aspect I can be in control of, please! I had to teach in the science lab today after running around trying to find a spare room. That I don't mind, but I need it to be consistent so my students and I know what to expect. Sigh.

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