July 7, 2011

I am a sponge (and my Amazon wish list)

If you say the same word over and over again, it starts to sound very funny. 


For example, the word “sponge”.  It even starts to look strange after a while, and not at all like how it’s pronounced in an Australian accent which sounds more like “spunge”. 




The English language can be very strange.  And so can I, it seems. 


I’m now on holidays after officially teaching for 1 semester.  Yippee! 


I used the analogy of the sponge because I am constantly soaking up new information about education, teaching and learning.


The last weeks of term went by excruciatingly slowly.  After class one day, I headed into the city to get a massage because I’ve been so tense.  Instead, I ended up walking into the public library and browsing through the books.  For a nerd like me, it was better form of stress-release than any retail therapy, and I found some great books.  Like Hating Alison Ashley, a childhood favourite - perhaps the stress-release came from regressing back to my Year 5 reading choices Smile with tongue out  


I also borrowed Doug Lemov’s seminal book “Teach like a Champion” (here’s a summary and the associated New York Times article about building a better teacher)  I  have been using some of the techniques in the book.  Amazing.  Legal Studies has such a huge emphasis on being able to use the correct vocabulary, answering in a formal language style, and the book provides some an excellent breakdown of how to actually teach students to do this. 


Next week I’ll be going back to the University of Melbourne for the TFA mid-year intensive.  It’ll be fantastic to catch up with all the other associates and share our stories. 


I’ve started an Amazon Wish List because there are so many great teaching books out there I want to read and add to my reference collection.  So if you feel like doing something nice, please take a look! Open-mouthed smile

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