August 10, 2011

The irony…

Who me?  Today in the staffroom, giving actual proper teaching advice to a guy doing his teaching rounds (work experience as part of a Diploma of Education).  Yup, that was me!  Felt totally surreal.  Then again, I’ve been teaching for 24 weeks now – that’s 4 hours a week of the crazy year 10’s, and many more hours of tearing my hair out in frustration trying to manage behaviour, engage them, and reflect on what I can do better.  I am a much, much better teacher now than I was all those weeks ago when I first started, and there is a billion more things to learn.  But for now, I’m feeling pretty good that I could provide some advice to a newbie who thanked me and had a breakthrough with some of the insights I gave him.


Of course, after that my year 10 class went to shit.  It’s the first class were I accidentally swore for the first time ever.  After announcing this in the staffroom, I was greeted by a “congratulations, you’re now a proper teacher!”  Ha!  Luckily, I don’t think any of my students heard because they were being too noisy, or watching T. lying on the floor trying to hide from me.  Sigh.  It was really awful.  One of the girls who were attempting to cut her hair said, “Miss, you’re always so calm.  You’re always smiling.”  In the middle of chaos, what else is there to do?  Double sigh.


Writing out experiences in narrative form is also another way of processing the information.  This blog helps me gain some perspective.  All I can visualise right now is students violently flinging bits of rolled up paper balls at each other, students flat out refusing to listen to me, having them copy my notes off the board as a behaviour management technique (terrible!), one kid walking around the room complaining that his back hurt – arrrrgh chaos!!


Year 11’s had a sexual health talk this morning.  Their reactions ranged from, “I know everything about sex, why do I need to go?!” to “But Miss, I’m never having sex in my whole life, I don’t need to go!”


This term I’ve put my hand out for organising a whole bunch of stuff.  Keeping very busy…  Too much uni work as usual too.  Life is a lot more fun than the first two terms. 

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