September 7, 2011

Being more interesting



During really difficult periods of life, I am more creative.  This makes me more interesting, empathetic, aware.  I feel the full gamut of emotions and am inspired to write, draw and reflect on what’s happened.  


But honestly, if this is what I have to go through to be creative and interesting, I’d much rather have a “boring”, happy, stable life.  Is there really such a disjunct between being happy and interesting?  Well, boring and stability isn’t going to happen for me in the foreseeable future, so might as well just deal with it…


When people on Facebook post esoteric one line status updates designed to elicit responses of “what’s wrong?” or, “is everything OK?”, it makes me frustrated, but I feel as though this post will have to suffice. 



My year 11 students participated in the mock court competition at the Magistrates Court last night.  They won both the case by proving the accused was guilty beyond reasonable doubt, and on points due to their outstanding delivery and preparation. 


What made their victory even sweeter was because the team they were against was a well-known, very academic and intimidating private school.  It was really meaningful to them to have some external validation of their own hard work and intelligence which they probably didn’t quite believe before.  Today in class I said, “aww, you guys, I’m so proud of all of you!” and felt like an embarrassed parent. 


In my year 12 class, I had to ask one student to leave after asking her a question to which she replied, exasperatedly, “What makes you think I actually care?”  The level of disrespect, as a 19 year old mother who wants to be a lawyer – Jesus Christ!


Only 2.5 weeks of term 3 left to go.

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  1. I love this blog. There is always something here that I can identify with.

    I finally got a 'happy, stable life' and guess what - I've stopped writing, (practically) stopped reading. Stopped burying myself in journals, interesting articles and stories. I'm not motivated career-wise - happy to do admin - and what were my 'dreams' now seem to be incredibly unrealistic. (More travel? When would I have leave to do that?)

    Tired...all the time...but I know what every day will hold, because each day is routine, always the same. I'm not blaming anybody though. I felt a lot of mental anguish when I was 'unsettled' - I wished for this.


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