September 12, 2011

The final two weeks of term 3 and some fake eyelashes


On Sunday, I took one year 12 student (“"P”) to the University of Melbourne for a legal studies revision lectures.  For her first ever train trip, she travelled up with her mum and sister and as we walked on campus, she was quiet with nervousness and so scared with the unfamiliar.  I had texted her the exact details of the train trip, and called her before and after she got to the station.     


The entire lecture hall was filled with students.  I could see some of them had that air of nonchalance only acquired from being surrounded with privilege.  The had laptops, sat taking notes comfortably, and chatted with their friends.  Next year, they’ll be wandering around that very campus, drinking lattes and embarking on their lives of influence and brilliance.  


After the lectures, I took photos of P around the old buildings.  On the way back, I asked P about her family.  Her mother works as the “lollipop” lady near our school and at a Chinese take out, and her sister, another high school drop out, had two kids (a third on the way) and worked part-time at McDonalds.  I said, “P, you must be the angel of the family.”   


We met her sister and mother back at the station where they had been waiting for her, and they looked through the photos.   


The things we take for granted…


The year 10’s came back from work experience this week.  In class, they were going crazy as usual and I had to write up three behaviour incident reports.  On average, I write at least 5 each week.  Here’s one from this afternoon:


Y came into class today to socialise and use her phone and preen. instead of doing her work, she put foundation on. after providing her with school materials and repeatedly explaining the task, she looked up at me blankly as her fake eyelash came unglued. i asked her "do you want to pass year 10?"  she replied, "i can pass year 10 without passing humanities" (no she can't, because she's also failing her other classes) then she did absolutely no work and lay her head down on the desk while texting her friends.

I have to try so, so hard not to take teaching personally.  I feel personally responsibly for each student that doesn’t want to learn and it’s just absurd. 


The end of another term coming up.  What a year it’s been. 

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  1. See? You have the makings of one already. :)


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