October 15, 2011

Term 4 begins after a holiday in China

It's a Saturday night, the day after my birthday. I'm at home listening to Beethoven's Symphony No. 3, 'Eroica' and doing some work. The holidays seem a bit surreal now that I've gotten back into the swing of school a bit more.

 China is a crazy place.
I saw midgets, male strippers, the Great Wall, too many couples taking wedding photos, lines of girls being paraded in front of me in a karaoke room to choose as "companions", a man in a wheelchair getting people to write on him as part of performance art and dogs running around in cocktail bars.

I sat in a rickshaw and chased a friend running through the middle of the night through Beijing's streets, drank Hennessy XO with a crime matriarch while listening to a random Chinese man sing opera, stayed at my American friend's apartment which had no electricity where he lived with a man who sang English cover songs at a Chinese club at set intervals to entertain, partied with ridiculously skinny models and rich businessmen (at different times), flirted with too many men, ran through the pouring rain in Hong Kong at 5am and bargained like crazy in Shenzhen shopping malls to buy "D&G" and "Miu Miu".

 I watched the women's world no 1 play a tennis game, wandered through stores which just sold thousands of buttons on the outskirts of Beijing hauled 10KG of baby milk powder formula into the country, got upgraded to business class on the flight over, went to visit a huge logistics company, and drank tea that was made from the droppings of an insect that ate a certain kind of wood (a delicacy).

 Then I arrived back at school and had to teach legal studies to apathetic students. Is it any wonder I suffered from post-holiday blues?

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