October 15, 2012

Term 4: putting it in perspective

Yesterday I had a BBQ in the park. One old friend from high school said he'd just been back to our hometown and visited J, who's recently been overseas skiing and climbing a lot and living out of his car.

Intrigued, I went on J's Facebook and read his blog. He spoke of the "dirtbag" way of life - not showering much, eating free food, getting the most out of Walmart's generous policies to sleep in their car parks... The difficulties and thrills of not being part of out 9-5 productive society. On his albums he'd uploaded a few photos of the most spectacular rocky mountain cliff faces, vast expanses of fresh powdered snow... I imagine that in those moments of scaling those cliffs and standing atop seeing the beauty of the wintery landscapes, none of the other stuff matters much at all.

Having some perspective is a useful and wise tool.

My two year contract at school ends this term. In 10 weeks, my students would have graduated for another year, and for some it will be the end of their formalised education. It's been a life changing experience for me and also just a blip in the universe.

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