April 26, 2013

Having fun...

Penelope Trunk says, "fun to me is reading and writing all day, and every so often, someone pops in to listen to me talk about what I’m thinking, and then I go back to reading and writing. That is a great day for me."

That's what I've been doing.  Reading books about education, policy, privilege and class, healing, health, relationships....  I'm meeting people who are supportive, engaged, genuine and passionate.  I meditate, cycle, go for walks, drink good coffee and tea... lie on the grass and stare up at the sky... 

I love the intensity of learning NEW THINGS... grasping concepts, following leads, discussing them with people, thinking of how to put what I've learnt into practice.

I'll always be a life long student, except now my formal education and what I enjoy learning about in real life have coincided.  I deeply respect all my teachers - who may come in the guise of friends, uni professors, young children, my former students, and experience (which is the best, but hardest teacher from whom to learn). 

After two years teaching and studying, it is a luxury to have time to ponder, think and engage with ideas.  Money poor but time rich.  Writing is a way to make sense of everything going on and process them all.  

In between all this nerdy stuff I've been relief teaching and am finishing my studies at the University of Melbourne.  

A student I taught in Year 6 this week ate a kiwi fruit for the first time in his life.  He ate it with the skin on, taking a tiny bite, then looked over at his friend and me and said in a surprised voice, "it's delicious!" Such a highlight to see such innocence and wonderment at a fruit we usually take for granted.

This journey is so scary, overwhelming and intense.  I deeply value this time of quiet solitude and feel so lucky and grateful for being able to be in this position.  

Soon I'll be off to the Disneyland for nerds to go on an intellectual marathon. 

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