About me

Hi.  Welcome to my blog.

On the internet, I'm Quentin.  In real life, I have finished two years teaching with new Teach for Australia (TFA) program.  TFA specifically places teachers into educationally disadvantaged schools.  I am now studying for a Masters of Education at the Harvard Graduate School of Education.

Choosing to do the program has been a definite life changing experience for me.  I worked as a commercial lawyer before making the jump into teaching. 

Why the sea change?  Doing this has made me realise how much I enjoy education, learning and teaching.  I strongly believe in educational equality for all students, but that's not happening in Australia right now.  This was a golden opportunity to help at least in a small way towards closing the gap.    

Acknowledging I'm just beginning the journey into the education world, and there's so much to learn, this blog aims to document my journey. 

Please comment and say hello.


PS - By the way, I am in no way as cool or as good-looking as Mr Vaughn from the Simpsons.  I am kind of quirky and very nerdy though :)


  1. Showing love ... Keep at it!

  2. I love checking in to catch up on your wonderful blog, don't ever stop! Melanie


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